Tips for the Christian Gutar Player/Worshipper

"The First Tip is prayer!"

"The first tip is actually the most important. Paul told us to pray without ceasing. Every time you pick up your guitar, you can thank God for His presence and ask Him to help you focus your heart on Him. Ask Him to help you to play the guitar with excellence.

I have often been utterly amazed at how quickly the students in the worship guitar classes learned, but it's because we never start a class without prayer.

I talk about that in the DVD's too. Every time you sit down to practice view it as a time of worship and always pray for God's help.


It takes a lot of weight to hold down the strings of a guitar, especially for bar chords. But, not more than what's needed to get a good sound.

Most students hold too much tension in their hands. It's no wonder it's difficult for them to change quicklyor get a good sound.

A good way to release unnecessary tension is to start with relaxing your face. Consciously relax your face and shoulders while you play. That will help your fingers too.

The best position for your left hand is when your hand is parallel to the neck. You want to have the pinky side of your hand as close to the neck as your first finger side.

Many beginning guitar players hold their hand with the first finger side close to the neck, but the pinky side is an inch or more away.

Relax! Most people hold too much tension in both hands. If you're playing an arpeggio pattern, only use energy for the stroke. Your fingers should fall back down with no tension.

For strumming patterns, you're hand should be like a wet rag... relaxed.

A simple way to flesh this out is by looking at where the fingers will go next. For example, if you're playing chords in the first fret, but are going to move to a chord higher up on the neck... look at the trets you're moving to, not where you hand is now. You'll get to the new chord with more accuracy. If you're learning a new chord, try to visualize the chord before you change.

Think ahead to the next chord, next measure. Think ahead to where your fingers are moving. Only look, if you watch your hands, to where you're moving too.

"He Owned A Guitar For 18 Years And Could Never Play It. Now, He Plays All the Time!"

"My husband had owned a guitar for 18 years and was never motivated to learn. He had purchased books and had friends show him, but nothing clicked until I bought this video for him. Now he plays all the time."

— Karen Koch, CA

"I have been viewing your guitar class video #1 and think it's great! I especially like how you have each lesson include a popular worship song. This makes one really feel like they're making progress after each lesson."

— Drew Whitaker

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